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Cabbage Patch Costumes

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I have bought myself a new sewing machine and I am determined to gain some skills behind the wheel. My childhood Cabbage Patch Doll, Ronda Rinata Boyd, could do with a wardrobe of fun costumes! As I am involved with our local theatre Centre Stage, I would like to be able to help make costumes in the future too. Some days I will design the costume and collect materials needed. Other days will be make day!


Day 11 - Tongariro Expeditions Uniform

Taken from my husband's favourite staining top. I used the sleeve to make this. Check out her sleeves. Made from the cuff of the other sleeve. It fastens at the back with Velcro. The neck line is trimmed with double folded t shirt material. Finished at 12 last night. Getting obsessed now but having fun!