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Cabbage Patch Costumes

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I have bought myself a new sewing machine and I am determined to gain some skills behind the wheel. My childhood Cabbage Patch Doll, Ronda Rinata Boyd, could do with a wardrobe of fun costumes! As I am involved with our local theatre Centre Stage, I would like to be able to help make costumes in the future too. Some days I will design the costume and collect materials needed. Other days will be make day!


Day 1 - Getting Ready

Poor Ronda has not had someone to pay with her for years. I'm too old but also to selfish to let any other child play with her. So starting my project dedicated to my childhood Cabbage Patch Doll today, I washed Ronda Rinata's face, put her hair up in to a bun that looks like a ball of wool and sewed up a little split that had opened on her neck. I swear she smiled at me. I pinned daisies around her bun and put her in to her little pyjamas that was missing pants until I found lots of my old doll clothes at my nieces house. With permission I took a bunch of clothes back. Thank you Sienna. Today I ironed, mended and sorted patterns ready for my first garment tomorrow. Caring for Ronda again came easily and felt calming. Nostalgia is a touch stone which we should never lose sight of.