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After starting a new business just over a year ago, I now find myself working 7 days a week, with little down time. I joined this project to start taking time out each day, to do something creative unrelated to my business. My original plan was to do a scrapbook page each day, but then I didn't want to be limited to only one thing. I like to do many different kinds of creative things. I have wool I would like to knit up, new recipes I want to try, photographs I want to take. The important thing for me, is to do SOMETHING each day.


Day 19 Time Out

My gorgeous furbaby Hunta, poised and waiting for me to throw the ball for him to chase. After a stressful start to the day I decided it would be more 'profitable' to take time out from my business and spend time in the fresh air, at the dog park, with my "impossible to be depressed around" fubaby.