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Wooden Squares

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Nostalgia of 'feeling' film, the edges of photographs and flipping through albums I wanted to transfer my digital prints onto something I could hold and share with others. My project is the whole creative process of trial and error in learning how to transfer photos onto wood. Inspired by the life snippets we share on Instagram and a drive to bring digital back into the physical.


Day 7

Prepping the digital side of my project for an easier transition onto wood. Learning about pixel conversion to metric and producing the most efficient way to size up the amount of images I require without having to do it individually! "The smartest person in any room is the one that realises they know nothing, the dumbest is the one that thinks they know it all yet the worse room to ever be in is the one in which you are the smartest. Why? Because you will learn nothing you haven't already." - Mr Elkin