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10 projects, 10 designs, 10 products, 100 days welcome to 10X10X10 Last year I focused on a particular style of cartoon but was met with blocks galore and a lack of ideas. This year I am locking in the ideas to a degree beforehand so I don't have to think so much and can just DRAW A long sleeved shirt, Tattoo, sticker sets, ply board painting, a knife guard/saya, a Lacuna box world, street art, skateboard design, scooter design. These are my 10 projects, I have 10 designs and 10 final products.


Lacuna World concepts #2 Housing Development

Today I explored further into the depths of this Lacuna world, in this part of the world the hills are hollow dragon loops where the top twits live in lavish golden layered houses while the rest of society dwell within the depths of the Dragons belly, not because they aren't allowed up top but their skin can't handle the light.