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100 Days Korean

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I've been already learning Korean for 2 years, however recently I've read some articles about how shorter, but more intensive periods can help you 'dramatically' improve and I wanted to test that.


Today, rather than learning, I did a bit of research. I'm actually very interested in what goes into a drama or a tv show. I love props and cinematography, for example. To be able to discuss these topics with professionals in Korean - because a lot of the staff doesn't speak English or that kind of English - is one of my language goals. So today, I researched film crew related vocabulary. It's both easy and difficult. It's easy, because you only need the credits of a film or drama. It's difficult, because the dictionary will give you completely different expressions than what you will see in the credits. I have a very basic vocab list now that I hope to expand, so that I'd be able to look up information about whatever detail I'm interested in.

Day 9