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I've been already learning Korean for 2 years, however recently I've read some articles about how shorter, but more intensive periods can help you 'dramatically' improve and I wanted to test that.


Today, I picked up a million new expressions from SMTM6.

While watching the show, I was also chatting with one of my KT connections about movie settings. That when a movie is set in Europe, the various European capitals often stand in for each other. Budapest can be Paris, Berlin or Moscow on the screen. But Korean locations are always Korean locations in the movie, as well, and Chinese locations are Chinese, etc. It was great, because while I wrote in English, she replied in Korean and from her writing I was able to learn a lot. So I felt immensely grateful.

On the other hand, for days I've been feeling the need to review some grammar, because I either make stupid mistakes in my emails, or just absolutely not sure about the correct grammatical pattern. I should do that during the coming days.

It's so hot here, heat records are being broken, my mailbox is filled with Korean emails to be answered, but I just can't.

Day 75