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100 Days Korean

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I've been already learning Korean for 2 years, however recently I've read some articles about how shorter, but more intensive periods can help you 'dramatically' improve and I wanted to test that.


Today, I wrote a couple of emails, but I mostly just recycled my penfriends' words. Still, it was good to grasp how I should express certain things the native way, or to see how certain structures work. I also looked up a certain grammar I didn't understand before, and downloaded Whale, Naver's Korean web browser, so I learnt a few new expressions with that. It's fun and beautiful, but I haven't figured out yet how to integrate it into my natural use of the Internet, so for the time being, I'll use it for my Korean related stuff. It's very hot here and I feel overwhelmed. But at the same time, I keep pushing forward, so that my Korean becomes more natural.

Day 72