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I've been already learning Korean for 2 years, however recently I've read some articles about how shorter, but more intensive periods can help you 'dramatically' improve and I wanted to test that.


Today, as I was reading through a few articles by My Korean Notebook, I came across a structure I could use to write about a recent experience that made me proud, in Korean. Namely, that on my first try I was able to remove the fishbone from a fish in one piece, because I've seen the action performed on various Korean TV shows a hundred times.

So I wrote a blog article about that in Korean.

Then, in the afternoon, as I was reading my Intermediate level Korean grammar book here and there, perusing the Contents I realised, that I've already acquired 4 or 5 patterns/structures from other sources. And that made me feel proud, as well.

Using conjunctions and more complex sentences doesn't seem so daunting anymore, either. Somehow, some of those more complex sentences start to flow out naturally, and that makes me feel happy. I love the feeling of Korean becoming easier. After all, my goal is fluency, so it makes me happy to realise, I'm getting there. The fact that my vocabulary is filled with native expressions gives me confidence, that's very motivating.

Day 53