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100 Days Korean

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I've been already learning Korean for 2 years, however recently I've read some articles about how shorter, but more intensive periods can help you 'dramatically' improve and I wanted to test that.


Today, I posted a short note on my Korean blog about starting this challenge. I was happy to receive an encouraging comment. So I also posted about my challenge on Instagram, asking for the support of my Korean Insta-acquantainces. Although, I'm only posting 1-2 sentences on my blog, it makes me happy to be able to express myself by putting all the grammar I've previously learnt to practice. I hope to remember what structures I need to express certain things - it's not as straightforward in Korean as it is in English - because so far I needed to look it up and check my grammar book! I hope to encourage my Korean online acquantainces to communicate with me more, and more often. And at last, but not the least, I hope to pick up native expressions and make my Korean more natural. I love the Korean language, learning more and more about it significantly contributes to my personal happiness, so I'm really thrilled by this challenge.

Day 1