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100 Days at the Links

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A little while ago I took a silver chain-making class. I'm a designer, but I've never made silver jewellery before. Something happened to me in that class. I got bitten by a bug and it's been with me ever since. I've started making my own jewellery at home in an ad-hoc studio. I'm so smitten with chain making that I decided it was a good idea for my 100 Days project. As I don't get a chance to make something everyday (normally), I thought this would help me build good discipline, not to mention technique and skill. It will also help me get creative using a simple building block form: the link. For my project, I want to create a link a day. Sometimes the link forms will come in pairs (I often make earrings from links), but for the more challenging shapes, there may be only one. The main thing is, I keep making and don't lose my momentum or find excuses not to have fun with it.


Making the rounds

Sterling silver wire, soldered and hand hammered. Links approx 34mm round each.