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100 Days at the Links

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A little while ago I took a silver chain-making class. I'm a designer, but I've never made silver jewellery before. Something happened to me in that class. I got bitten by a bug and it's been with me ever since. I've started making my own jewellery at home in an ad-hoc studio. I'm so smitten with chain making that I decided it was a good idea for my 100 Days project. As I don't get a chance to make something everyday (normally), I thought this would help me build good discipline, not to mention technique and skill. It will also help me get creative using a simple building block form: the link. For my project, I want to create a link a day. Sometimes the link forms will come in pairs (I often make earrings from links), but for the more challenging shapes, there may be only one. The main thing is, I keep making and don't lose my momentum or find excuses not to have fun with it.


Mitre peaks

Sterling silver wire, soldered and hand hammered. Links approx 13 x 30mm each.