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The next project begins on May 22 and ends
on August 29. To participate, please read
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Days One is May 22, 2017. You have until May 14 to register for this year's project.

Starting on May 22 you are invited to repeat a creative exercise or task, of your own choice, every day for 100 days. Finishing on August 29.

The rules are very simple:

  1. The creative task you choose must be repeated in some form every day.

  2. Every iteration must be documented in some form. (As a record of your daily effort).

  3. The medium is open.

We encourage you to share and upload to the site throughout the 100 days. This project is a rewarding, demanding creative marathon of sorts, so it helps to share with others and be part of the community! Remember to take each day as it comes, keep it simple, enjoy the process...good luck!

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Please support the project

There is a fee of $15 (NZD) for participants in this year's project. (All monies go towards the running of the project, website hosting, archiving of your project, project admin and of course the Day 100 Show events.) (Payment can be made with a credit card, or Account2Account transfer. Additional donations are not tax deductible). The fee is not intended to prohibit anyone from participating so if you're signing up for a child get in touch with

Participation fee (minimum $15):