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Why do this?

For the challenge and rewards of embarking on a daily creative exercise for a really long time. To exercise your ability to think creatively, and flexibly. For students and young designers/writers/photographers this is potentially really valuable as it creates and demands of you a certain kind of discipline and resilience that will serve you well in your work. For experienced practitioners it's a chance to connect with creativity in a more personal way, and re-enthuse yourself. It's also an excuse to explore or address new types of media or skills you would like to improve.

I haven't done anything creative for years, can I still do this?

Yes of course! The project is open to anyone, previously we have had a mix of designers, photographers, artists, teachers, students, mums, account managers, writers, and even children. Anyone and everyone is welcome to give it a go.

I don't live in New Zealand, can I still take part?

Yes of course! Anyone from anywhere, can register for the project. So far, over 3000 people from all over the world have done the project.

Do I have to display my project at a Day 100 show?

No. The shows are entirely optional, as is displaying your project on the website. Obviously we'd love it if you could do both and show the world your work, but its really up to you. Lots of people prefer to just do the project and don't have any desire to make the work public. Fair enough!

Any tips for success?

Keep it simple. 100 days is a long time to be doing something complicated and overly technical. Have fun and make it relevant to you.

I've registered, so now what happens?

Look for your activation email (please check your JUNK and SPAM folders). Click the activation link (its a one-time only link), then log in to the site at , check your name and enter your project details and start planning for Day One.

On the website: Why doesn't my personal website link work in my profile?

Remember to include the whole url link to your website for example use: instead of when you add it to the website field in your profile.

Do I have to record my project on the website?

You might prefer to keep your record offline, in a journal or on paper. You do have to record your daily efforts somewhere though, and I really do hope you'll share each day (a scan, photo, video, words) via the website. A lot of people will see your project this way, and support you!

Where will the Day 100 show be held?

The 2016 venue is yet to be decided. In the past our volunteers have hosted shows in Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne and the Netherlands.

On the website: Why is my profile photo upside down?

Uploads from a mobile phone can appear a bit wonky on the site! There is a simple 90 degree rotation function, its not perfect yet though so keep in mind: Hit 'submit' after every click of 'rotate' – and you may need to refresh your browser and wait a few seconds to check. Apologies - we're trying to fix this so its a bit more user friendly! - Emma & team.

On the website: Why am I getting an 'invalid credentials' error when I try to log in?

Check that both your email and password are entered correctly. If you're still unsure, you can reset your password (look out for an email from 100daysproject). If you try all of those things and you still can't get in, email: [email protected] and describe the issue you're experiencing.

On the website: Why is my profile image showing as a broken link?

Something went wrong with your image upload. One quick and easy way to make sure it loads properly is to rename your image as all lowercase, with a lowercase suffix ie: .jpg instead of .JPG – then delete and 'submit' the old image, and upload the newly named image and hit 'submit' once more.

On the website: Can I upload a video file?

No. You need to load video into a site like youtube (the site only supports youtube links at the moment) first – and then copy and paste the URL into your day here on the website. Your video will appear in the page, once you hit 'submit'.

On the website: Can I upload more than one image into each day?

No. Currently you can only load one image per day. But you can make a montage of more than one image (with apps like 'Layout' for example) and then load in the combined image.

One the website: Can I upload images from my phone or ipad?

Yes! But our systems is being curiously eccentric: 1. Click on Upload image 2. Click on the trash icon 3. Click on the upload arrow, select your image, let the image load. 4. Save by clicking 'Submit' Bonkers - we know, but try that!

On the website: Can I upload sound files or links to sound files?

Not currently. Best option is to paste a link to a video file. But we can look into this for you. Please contact [email protected]

On the website: Can I upload more than one day at a time?

Not yet. We're working on this feature. At the moment you need to load one day at a time into the website. Don't forget to hit 'submit' before you leave the page!

Can I get a link to my project to share with others?

Yes! You can click on the 'Get the link to my project' link in the top right of your admin space. Then you'll see how your page is looking to the rest of the world, and you can copy the URL and paste it out into email, facebook....etc.

Can I follow other projects?

Yes. There is a hyperlink on each project (under the description) that you can click on to add the project to your list of follows. To access the projects you follow, go into your project admin space, and select 'view projects I follow' in the nav. You need to be logged in to use this feature.

Why do I never get any emails from Emma or the project?

It could be that we have tried to send you news updates and mail, but for some reason your email address is bouncing, you have accidentally unsubscribed, or our mail is being filtered as SPAM or Junk. Please look out for emails from us, and check the facebook page or twitter feed for updates throughout the project.

I emailed Support with a problem, why haven't I heard anything?

Please give us time to answer and respond to all of your queries. We may need a few days to respond to your email. Its also really helpful if you can clearly describe the issue you're having, as that helps us know how to help you and so we can respond more quickly. You can also check in on Facebook for issues updates and tech support.

Why is uploading an image from my mobile not working?

Try clicking on the trashcan icon, and then click on the upload arrow, this might now activate access to your image library. (It's a weird internet bug we haven't quite mastered!).

My image looks like it loads, but then I get an error message - why is that?

The likely answer is that your image exceeds the 2mb file size limit. Try reducing the size of the image first and then uploading a smaller file.